Tip to Install Ceiling Led Light

Tips to Install Ceiling LED Panel Lights

Of course, many people will be interested in the question of how to properly install the LED panel on the ceiling? Everything will depend on what kind of ceiling structure is located in the room. Therefore it is necessary to consider all options.
Basic ceiling surface

The basic ceiling – it’s not hanging and tensile structures. It can be in the form of a concrete slab, or timber, installed on the carrier beams. In this case, the LED panels are installed on the cable technology, that is, by attaching the luminaries’ to the ceiling with special wire suspension, with which you can adjust the height of the lamp unit.

Led Panel Light Manufacturers in India sold such suspensions as an integral part of the LED panel. But even if their configuration is not present, the design can be purchased separately in stores when it is sold. The hardest part of this technology – is to design the marks on the ceiling.

In principle, nothing complicated about it. Once the markings are made at the place of the ceiling, the mounting holes are made for fastening the cable suspension. Mounting screws are usually made with plastic dowels, each suspension of three. After that, the cables installed and LED panel itself. In this case, fastening is made on special brackets which are welded on the panel corners. Rope through them passed a loop and secured a special clamp.

There is a second version without cables. This requires the use of metal fasteners in the form of corners. Four of these fasteners are installed on a marking on the ceiling, the four corners of the panel. But they are fixed with screws. Incidentally, the area dimensions may be different, that determines the distance from the base to the ceiling surface of the back side panel.

Installation on the ceiling

In general, the Led Panel Light Suppliers provide design of the LED panels in such a way that they can be placed in suspended ceiling structures. Of course, the simplicity of mounting and fixing strength are the major characteristics of LED panels.

On the question of how to install the LED panel on the ceiling, you can answer that. If it is panel or rack ceiling, then very simple Led Panel Light In India is allocated, and it is placed on the hangers of the ceiling construction.

If it is plasterboard ceiling, it is not worth it to cut anything. The best option – is to use the technology to mount the base surface. The only thing that needs to be done necessarily is further staging of assembly of gypsum ceiling mounting the place into account, under which it is necessary to install the metal profiles as a solid foundation under the lamp.

Installation of LED panel suspended ceiling

Installing associated with tension ceilings, a little harder. Therefore, experts suggest two options.

  •  On the ropes
  •  In a recessed luminaires’

In the first case it is necessary first to make the marks on the ceiling, and then install the suspended ceiling, to make it four holes, as is done under the lights and then conduct the installation of cables, to which is attached LED panel itself.